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Sydney's World supports ELA Common Core Standards (Reading: Literature; Reading: Foundational Skills; Speaking and Listening ).

Teacher's guide, resources, (robust vocabulary list, themes, maps, characters, bosses, etc.) and curriculum-based activities are also available.

Wise Dad Games is owned by a Teach For America alumnus ('91 Louisiana) who remains committed to TFA's mission to provide educational equity and excellence.

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​​​​Girl Gamers Recommends Sydney's World

"Sydney's World has perfectly combined education, a rich story, important values, and entertainment, all the while making it safe for a younger audience."

"Sydney’s World has fantastic life lessons demonstrated throughout. There’s a strong emphasis on wise decision making, morals, the importance of friendship, and learning manners and respect.​"

Digital Games for Learning:
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

"Finding from these studies indicated that digital games were associated with significantly better cognitive competency outcomes among students relative to the other instruction comparison conditions (g+ = 0.32, 95% CI [.19, .44]).

This is equivalent to a 62% success rate in the digital game groups relative to a 50% success rate in the other instruction conditions." 

"Results indicated that game conditions integrating 'true games' (i.e., game design involving more than simply draping school tasks with rudimentary game structures such as points and graphics) and those using interface enhancements (interaction) showed the greatest beneficial effects for literacy and general knowledge measures."

--This meta-analysis (61,000 studies from 2000-2012) was commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.